Bespoke Living & Design Concepts For An Art Collector's House

Designing An Art Collector's House With One Nine One


One Nine One redefines luxury living for art collectors, offering bespoke interior design solutions that transform homes into personal galleries.

Designing An Art Collector's House With One Nine One

Art collectors possess a distinct flair; their houses serve as canvases, showcasing their affinity for the exquisite and the rare. Gone are the days when a simple art gallery wall for the house sufficed. Today's art connoisseur yearns for a living space that participates in the story their art tells.

This is where the expertise of One Nine One shines, transforming this deep-seated passion for art into a luxurious living experience.

Let's explore how we can help you design a home around your passion for art.

Bringing Art to Life With A Living Gallery

One concept that stands out in our design philosophy for an art collector’s house is the idea of a 'living gallery'. Here, the interplay of light and shadow becomes crucial. It is essential to consider wall textures, colour palettes, and spatial dynamics that highlight each piece, creating an environment where the art interacts with its background. Imagine a modern minimalist living room where a large abstract painting becomes the focal point, complemented by neutral wall tones and sleek furniture. The artwork dictates the room's mood, and every element, from the throw pillows' texture to the coffee table's material, is selected to echo its theme.

Furniture as Canvases

In an art collector's house, each piece of furniture is carefully chosen or custom-designed to complement the art. It's about creating harmony between form and function, where furniture and art coexist. For instance, a classic Victorian painting might inspire a room with rich, deep colours and ornate furniture, creating a cohesive narrative between the artwork and the space. A sleek, geometric coffee table could complement a collection of abstract sculptures, while a vintage chaise lounge might sit beside a classic portrait, each piece conversing with the art it accompanies.

Art-Infused Functional Spaces

Art appreciation shouldn't be confined to certain areas of the home. For instance, consider a bathroom transformed into a tranquil sanctuary with impressionist-style tiles creating a water-lily pond effect reminiscent of Monet's famous paintings. The mirror and vanity are designed to mimic the tiles' gentle curves and soft hues, seamlessly integrating art into daily routines. Whether it's a study, a bedroom, or a bathroom like this, our interior designers ensure each room offers an opportunity to celebrate the art collector and their prized possessions. It's about creating an immersive experience in every corner of the house.

Illuminating Artworks in Their Best Light

Proper lighting can dramatically enhance the presentation of artwork at a house with a gallery. For a delicate watercolour piece, soft, diffused lighting can highlight its subtleties, while a bold oil painting might be accentuated with directional spotlights. We use adjustable lighting systems to create dynamic atmospheres that change with the mood and time of day.

Integrating Technology

Advanced technology can be seamlessly integrated to enhance art displays and preservation for an art collector’s house. Imagine a living room where climate control maintains optimal humidity for a precious collection of antique oil paintings or a study where adjustable LED track lighting showcases the vibrant colours of a modern art collection.

Transforming Rooms into Experiences

Designing for an art collector’s house goes beyond visual appeal, with the aim of creating a multisensory experience. A room with a serene landscape painting might feature soft, natural fabrics and a gentle water feature, creating a tranquil retreat. Another space, dominated by an energetic pop art piece, could have bold textures and a curated playlist to match the artwork's vibrant energy.

Personalisation: Reflecting the Collector's Journey

It’s essential to personalise a house with an art gallery to reflect the collector's journey. A collector with a penchant for Asian art might have a Zen garden-inspired living room with bamboo plants and minimalist furniture, each piece telling a story of their travels and acquisitions.

The Union of Art Collecting and Luxury Design

The magic that ensues when the worlds of luxury interior design and art collecting collide is unmatched. It's all about creating a living, breathing, aesthetically designed space that resonates with the collector's soul.

At One Nine One, we offer architecture and interior design services that craft experiences. It's all about weaving together the threads of luxury, art, and personal expression, making homes as unique as the collectors.

Experience One Nine One's Vision

In the hands of One Nine One, an art collector's house can surpass the ordinary, becoming an abode where passion for art is integrated seamlessly into daily existence. Our commitment as interior designers is to fuse art seamlessly into the collector's living space, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

We invite you, art collectors and aficionados, to join us on this journey. Connect with One Nine One today, and let us craft a space where each corner narrates a unique story and every room sings with beauty and creative expression.