Explore a Custom Interior Design for Your Private Residence

Explore Your Private Residence Design Ideas


One Nine One Design can help turn your interior, and custom furniture designs ideas into a private residence that suits you perfectly.

Explore Your Private Residence Design Ideas

Many people buy a home and dream of perfectly furnishing it for their tastes and lifestyles. But once they move in and are faced with reality, they find that tackling a major redecorating project is a much larger task than they had anticipated.

You may have the perfect ideas for custom furniture and private residence interior designs in your head, but transforming the ideas into reality may be beyond your abilities. It would help if you had an interior design studio that’s experienced, talented and willing to listen to your ideas and help you change your dreams into reality.

Bringing Ideas to Reality

One Nine One Interior Design and Décor has been helping people bring their design ideas to reality for over ten years. They have the skill and experience to handle all interior design projects from the design phase through the material and furniture sourcing to the physical construction and finishing.

Jaraporn Manityakul, Chumphot Manityakul, and Amppawan Kompao are the principals behind One Nine One Interior Design and Décor. They understand that trying to design the perfect home with custom furniture can be frustrating when you're inexperienced. But they also understand the need to express yourself and make your home a comfortable space representing your identity.

Representing the Homeowner

At One Nine One, they see the homeowner as their main inspiration for each design project, whether doing the interior design work for a small office or remodelling and furnishing an entire private residence. Satisfying the tastes and sensibilities of the homeowner is their primary goal.

They encourage the homeowner to be as hands-on as they want to be. While some homeowners find their creativity in wandering through furniture showrooms and selecting the ideal pieces for certain rooms, others may draw floorplans that reflect the needs of the busy family that will be living in the home.

Tips for Organising a Private Residence Design Project

One Nine One wants you to succeed in your interior design project. They’ve offered some tips on organising the design project based on their vast experience in both design, material and furniture sourcing and the construction phase of the project.

As your first step, set a budget and timeline for your project. If you’re inexperienced, find a professional team to help you oversee the entire project. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure the ideas you come up with are viable.

The budget will help everyone on the project meet your expectations and stay on task without going overboard. The timeline helps your team provide the labour and materials in a timely fashion. It also reassures family members that there will be an end to the project.

Having a team you can rely on will also give you the expertise and experience to listen to any problems and figure out a creative solution for them. The team can be a sounding board for your ideas and also a valuable resource for suggesting the right materials, suppliers, experienced craftspeople, and design ideas.

1Nine1 Design can help bring your design ideas to life.

While having a clear vision of what you want is useful in guiding the team, illustrations are even more useful. Before you begin the project, collect colour swatches, pictures of model room designs and custom furniture you admire. Create floor layouts on paper to ensure the furniture you've chosen fits in the room. Visual references also give the team a focal point to discuss design ideas, project changes, and refinements.

Partner with Skill and Experience

You’ll find that having an experienced team on board during your project also acts as an educational experience and reassuring presence. One Nine One can be your partner every step of the way, from conceptualisation to planning, construction, finishing and turnover. With an expert team at your side, the whole process will be a unique and pleasurable experience.

One Nine One Interior Design and Décor is a full-service private residence design and construction provider. We can provide design specialists, technical expertise, material and furniture sourcing knowledge, and surround you with an efficient and creative team.

If you’re considering making your design ideas and dreams a reality, contact One Nine One for a consultation. Our talented and dedicated interior design team will help turn your dreams into your perfect home.