Create The Perfect First Impression With Luxury Entryways

The Art of Luxury Entryways by One Nine One


Let's explore how a unique, well-crafted entrance can create a memorable and luxurious welcome, setting the tone for the elegance inside your home.

The Art of Luxury Entryways by One Nine One

At One Nine One, we understand that the entryway to one's home is far more than a mere passage; it's the prologue to a story of luxury, exclusivity, and personal expression. For our clientele, who possess a genuine passion for the unique and the exquisite, this space isn't just a functional necessity – it's a canvas for artistic proclamation, a testament to a lifestyle that epitomises luxury and sophistication.

A minimal and clean entryway design

The Embrace of Exclusivity

Imagine stepping up to a door that isn't just an opening but a bold statement of your unique taste and status. This is what we strive for when designing luxurious entryways. The choice of materials speaks volumes – doors crafted from rare woods or featuring intricate inlays, boasting handles not merely made of metal but sculpted into art pieces. Picture a door that seems to have been lifted straight from the opulent corridors of a French Rococo palace or one that echoes the majestic grandeur of Byzantine architecture.

Collector's Awe

A chandelier is a great statement piece to awe your guests

What elevates an entryway from grand to genuinely unforgettable? The addition of a statement piece – a symbol of your refined taste and the exclusivity of your collection. Envision a shimmering Baccarat chandelier gracefully suspended, its light cascading across the polished surface of Carrara marble, illuminating the space with an ethereal glow. Or perhaps an antique, ornately crafted console table – not just a piece of furniture, but a relic echoing the allure of a bygone era. For those who collect, each item tells a unique story, and what better narrative to start with than the one that begins at your doorway?

Architectural Splendour

Our vision extends beyond tangible items to encompass a space's architectural elements. Vaulted ceilings that create an air of grandeur, grand staircases that sweep elegantly to one side, or perhaps a captivating floor-to-ceiling water feature – these are the elements that lend character and set the tone for your home. And then there's the light. How about thoughtfully placed recessed or cove lighting that accentuates architectural details and bathes the space in a warm, welcoming glow?

Personalised Artistry

Imagine an entryway that showcases a custom mural or a bespoke art piece, reflecting your personal journey or artistic inclinations. This could range from a contemporary abstract painting that captures your modernist sensibility to a classic fresco that tells your family's story through intimate photos. Incorporating elements like a gallery wall adorned with curated artworks or family heirlooms in sophisticated display cases adds a profoundly personal dimension, transforming your entryway into a gallery of your life's most cherished moments.

A Symphony of Details

When decorating your home, details make all the difference. The textures, colours, and materials are the subtle notes that compose the symphony of an elite lifestyle. We ensure each element in our design – from the hand-selected marble to the custom-designed door fittings – reflects you.

Your Vision, Our Canvas

As connoisseurs of luxury interior design, we at One Nine One extend an invitation to you: open the door to a world where style and grandeur converge. Allow us to craft an entryway for you that doesn't merely signify style – it embodies a grand, unforgettable statement.

Your home is more than a space to live; it reflects your journey, achievements, and tastes. Let us at One Nine One be the architects of that first unforgettable impression.

Our collaborative approach ensures that each entryway we design is a harmonious blend of our expertise and your personal taste. We look forward to curating your dream home for you - contact us today for a consultation.